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Sightseeing on a bike: Best bike tours in Europe

Nowadays more and more travellers choose to join a bike tour in the European city they choose to travel. Indeed, exploring a city on a bike is one of the most unique and fun experiences through which someone can get to know a city better and discover what makes it unique.

It’s a stimulating and active experience in which you can both do some exercise and get to know the city’s culture in depth, riding through hidden trails and local areas.

From Berlin to Ljubljana, Europe is a hot hub of beautiful bike trails and routes ready for you to discover it.

In this article, you can check all the best bike tours offered in Europe in order to give you an idea for your upcoming European adventure.

Written by Athens by Bike

1) Best bike tours in Europe - Berlin on Bike

Since 2004, Berlin on Bike has been the number one bike tour company that offers unique tours for individuals and groups who wish to explore the beautiful city of Berlin!

The professional and passionate tour guides provide many local insights about the city’s history and present through their own perspective in Eng;ish, German, Dutch and other languages.

There is a variety of tours to choose from, from sightseeing tours to more special ones.

Berlin Highlights Tour is the most popular tour that gives you the chance to explore important landmarks like Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and of course the Berlin Wall.

Berlin on Bike tours are fun and informative and they are suitable for all levels of cycling ability. The tours are the most environmentally friendly and unique way to explore the city!

2) Best bike tours in Europe - Lyon Bike tour

If you visit the beautiful city of Lyon, Lyon Bike Tours will offer you the most original and fun guided electric bike tours. With the minimum effort thanks to the state of the art electric bikes you will explore the city safely through different routes and bike lanes. You will ride through the Croix Rousse hill, discover the Confluence district or explore the majority of the city with local guides who are passionate about their city Lyon. With their guidance you will explore all the must-see places of the city and discover more about its heritage, history and anecdotes and of course you will be equipped with many tips for an enjoyable stay. Lyon Bike Tour offers tours in small groups of up to 10 people and private tours if you are seeking conviviality. This authentic experience guarantees a pleasurable time and it’s definitely one of the best bike tours in Europe.

3) Best Bike tours in Europe - Ljubljana by Bike Watermelon

For a specialist in guided bike tours in Slovenia, Ljubljana by Bike offers tours in small groups, ideal in discovering more about the city’s off-the beaten track, river banks and picturesque parks.

Led by expert local tour leaders, you will have the opportunity to learn about the stories and past of the fascinating Ljubljana while exploring all the main attractions and green local areas.

Explore the be awed by Koseze pond, Tivoli park, Krakovo gardens, the Ljubljanica banks, Spica and Cukrarna, to name a few of the tour’s highlights.

The comfortable dutch style bikes will guarantee you a relaxed and enjoyable tour which is perfect for individual travellers or families alike and is without a doubt one of the best bike tours in Europe.

4) Best bike tours in Europe - Malaga Bike

Credit: Tripindicator

Malaga Bike is the pioneer bike company in Malaga since 2008. It holds the best online reviews and has an excellent reputation in customer service. They have brought together a professional bike rental team that provided the travellers with all the necessary information about the city routes and suggestions on how to explore Malaga on a bike and of course they provide the customers with top-notch equipment. The bike fleet consists of Dutch style bikes, trekking bikes and kids bikes and tandems. The mechanics of Malaga bike make sure to maintain their fleet in a perfect condition in order to make Malaga Bike’s self-guided tours a memorable cycling experience for anyone who wishes to explore the beautiful Andalusian countryside.

5) Best bike tours in Europe - Athens by Bike

Based in Athens and run by locals, Athens By Bike is the number 1 outdoor activity in the city. With a firm belief that cycling is the best way of discovering a city and with more than 7 years of experience in the touristic field, Athens by Bike offers unique bike tours through all the historical and temporary highlights of Athens. This unique sightseeing bike tour will give you the opportunity to discover areas you wouldn’t normally visit on foot and it’s one of the best bike tours in Europe.

While cycling through different parts of the city you will get a glimpse of some of the most important monuments in the world that are proof of Athens’ glorious past. Upon completing the Athens city bike tour you will not only have the best idea of the city’s general feel but you will also be equipped with lots of recommendations by the local tour leaders that will help you continue your adventure in Athens!


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