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Cycling and Invader art in Ljubljana

Invader is a French urban artist who uses ceramic tiles for his mosaics that are modelled on the pixelated art from the video games such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Super Mario. His art installations are seen all over the world in over 80 cities and 20 countries. Guess what? Ljubljana is also one of them.

The most centrally located invader on the Triple Bridge.

He has already been exhibited in Ljubljana in 2006 and then again last year 2021 with the name Invader: Prints on Paper. His recent exhibition was at International Centre if Graphic Arts (MGLC) which is located in the heart of the Tivoli park at the end of the promenade.

Do you spot a cactus above the entry to the glass house in Tivoli park?

Each time he was in our capital city, he installed around 20 mosaics, so we have more than 40 of them all together. Besides the common ones there are also a few specific ones with dragon, a symbol from the flag of Ljubljana.

Invader mosaics with dragon motifs

A good number of them are located in the old town (city center) of Ljubljana, but there are also a few of them a bit out. Perfect to hop on a bike and search for them. On our regular bike tours of Ljubljana we pass a good number of them, so don't hesitate to join us as well. :)

Invader at Kino Šiška

You can also download an app for your phone, called FlashInvaders. Through the app you take live photos of his art and collect points.

We even had an alleycat race themed by Invader art organised by Rattus cycling club. Alleycats are bicycle orientation races in cities, originally checking how good bicycle messengers are. On a "manifest" (piece of paper) you have a list of addresses you have to visit and return back to the finish. It doesn't say in which order you have to go, so the main objective is to choose the most optimum way in between points.

Invader at the food market Moste

Written by Tevž Černigoj

All photos by Tevž Černigoj


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