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5 TALLEST BUILDINGS OF LJUBLJANA - Skyscrapers of Ljubljana

Ljubljana is definitely not known for its tall buildings. To most visitors on our bike tours of Ljubljana talking about " skyscrapers" brings a bit of laughter and no one can blame them. As the capital city, Ljubljana is currently having all top 10 Slovenian tallest buildings. None of them is taller than 100 meters.

1. Kristalna palača (Crystal palace)

89 m, 22 floors, built in 2011.

photo by Jan Čermelj

It has been a decade since completion of this tallest building that stands on the edge of Ljubljana in our biggest shopping area called BTC. That's why this office building stands alone among much lower buildings so it really shows all of its beauty. Annually it hosts a running race Alive Step Up, where you have to climb all those 479 stairs, with a record time of 1 minute 52 seconds (Matjaž Mikloša). The events is raising money for kids with cancer.

2. Intercontinental hotel Ljubljana

81'5 m, 21 floors, built in 2017.

3. A tower - Grand Plaza hotel

81 m, 22 floors, built in 2021.

Grand Plaza on the left, Intercontinental on the right.

This two towers are mentioned together. Why? They mark the so called "North Ljubljana Gates". Arriving towards the city from the north along Dunajska cesta (Vienna road), this two towers, one on each side, mark the entree into central part of Ljubljana, just next to inner road ring. Besides that both of them are high-end hotels and most recent addition to Ljubljana's skyline.

4. World Trade Center Ljubljana

75 m, 18 floors, built in 1993.

WTC tower was almost 20 years on top of this list. It was designed still in Yugoslavia and finished in the first years of independent Republic of Slovenia. It should be 100 m tall, but it was cut down to 75 m. Located on the intersection of northern ring and artery road (Dunajska cesta) gives it a perfect spot for business. As the famous New York WTC had 2 towers, here in Ljubljana one tower stand vertical and the other "tower" lays on its side. Between them is a small square with a statue of Atom Venus.

5. Situla

75 m, 21 floors, built in 2013.

Situated relatively central, a few hundred meters away from the railway station, a combination of business and residential parts. The two residential towers comprise 226 apartments, all with a covered terrace encircling the whole perimeter of the building, which gives it a totally different look.

6. Nebotičnik (Skyscraper)

70m, 13 floors, built in 1933.

OK, it is not in the top 5, but I guess the most iconic tower of Ljubljana. Unlike all the other top 5, Nebotičnik was built way earlier. When it was finished in 1933 it was almost twice as big as other buildings in the city and sticking out with its 13 floors. It is residential building but has one of the best views from the top terrace. Have a morning coffee or evening drinks above the city with Ljubljana castle at your fingertips. You might read about it in our previous blog about sunset watching spots.

Stanovanjski kompleks Spectra with its two towers will be soon second tallest building in Slovenia and tallest residential building! With 85 meters, someone will have and awesome view from the living room. It will be seen by most people arriving to Ljubljana, because it is positioned along Celovška cesta (Klagenfurt road) which is the main artery road arriving from the airport or Triglav national park and Bled lake.


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