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active family exploring Ljubljana on bicycles, guided tour, having fun.

Family bike tour - private

Kids simply love to cycle! Luckily streets of Ljubljana are quieter and safer than most other places in the world. We spontaneously customise the bike tour based on the age, interests and stamina of the youngsters involved.  That's why we prefer to take the families on a separate tour, usually for 2 hours. We will make the tour fun and exciting for the whole family. Physical activity also means worn out kids and a good sleep at night. :)


We can provide a 20 inch, 24 inch kids bicycle, child seat for the bike (kids up to 20kg) or a bicycle attachment for kids up to 7 years old. Mention that you need it when you book the tour. Basic skills of urban cycling are still required.

Private bike tour for family in Ljubljana, Slovenia
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