Frequently asked questions

bicycles that we use and rent on bike tour Ljubljana

Do I have to book the tour in advance?
Yes. It is essential that you book online or call/text ahead to let us know. If you book until 7 p.m. one day before, the tour runs for sure. But because we deliberately keep the groups small it might already be full. If you have a chance book in advance and guarantee yourself a place on our tour. On the other hand it is never too late, there might be still space left for you, so don't hesitate to contact us!

Do I have to be really fit to join the tour?
Difficulty of the tour is easy to moderate, so you should be able to cycle for around hour and a half at a leisurely pace over flat terrain and feel comfortable riding a bike. During our tour we have frequent stops every 5-10 minutes. You are here to enjoy yourself and not on a race, so we will adjust the pace to your needs.  We suggest shorter 2h version of the tour for those that feel less confident on the bike.

What should I wear on the tour?
You can wear whatever you like, as long as you feel comfortable. For safety reasons we recommend closed toe shoes, but that's up to you. Also dress according to the weather situation. It is handy to wear more layers that you can take off or put back on if needed.​

What if it rains?
If you want, we can run the tour no matter the weather situation. But it is your decision.  The evening before we get somewhat got idea of what weather should be like.  If it is raining at the start of the tour, we will refund your money without any hesitation.  If the situation allows, we might wait a little bit for weather to clear or set a different starting time of the tour.

Can I bring my own bike?
Yes, you can bring your own bike, as long as it is in a good working condition. If your bike lets you down, we might not have repair kit for it. Price of the tour stays the same, since we only run small groups.

Is it possible to just rent bikes?
No, sorry, for now we don't rent bikes. We have a small number of bikes, that we regularly use for our tours.

What kind of bikes do you use for the tour?
For our bike tours we use 28 inch Holland style city bikes from Italian manufacturer Alpina. Bikes have 6 gears and are equipped with comfortable seats, front and rear mudguards, chain-guards. Some of them have basket in the front.

What time should I arrive?
Ideally we meet 5 minutes before the tour starts. In this time we  sort other formalities.  We try to start the tour on time. If you are running late or can't find us, call or text!

What language do you speak on the tour?
We run the tours in English language. But we can teach you some useful Slovenian phrases, if you like :)

Can I pay with credit card?
No, sorry. At the moment it is only possible to pay with cash.​ In Slovenia the official currency is EUR (€).

What is better, shorter or longer version of the tour?
First half of the longer tour takes us almost to the same places as the shorter tour.  We circle around the castle hill and check out some attractions along the river or close to it.  After that the longer one extends to Tivoli park and green areas around Roznik hill. We like that part too, a bit more cycling and a bit less talking :) If you are a keen cyclist, definitely choose the longer one.

What do I need to bring for the tour?
Clothing suitable for the weather, enclosed footwear, money for the tour and for drink/ice cream stop. If you have a handbag, you can put this on the back of your bike rack, or you could bring a small backpack for items that you can't fit in your pockets. Specially in the summer we suggest sunscreen, sun glasses and a bottle of water or some other drink to hydrate.  And of course camera or your phone to take photos! 

Do I have to wear a helmet?
No. We provide helmets free of charge and strongly recommend you wear one, but it is not the law in Slovenia. However, for kids 14 years old or younger it is obligatory.