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Extended bike tour - private

from 150€

Approximately 18km (11 miles)


4 hours


Helmet (optional)

Tour guide

Mostly flat

Cycling lanes

Quiet streets

Pedestrian zone

For those avid cyclers that want more from their city visit, we suggest the extended version of our bike tour. You are not missing anything from our regular "Ljubljana bike tour"! After about 2 hours we make a stop for a drink (not included in the price) to replenish our energies.  It is also a great chance to chat with the local guide and ask him whatever you want. After the break we continue with a loop around Rožnik, the local green heart of Ljubljana. We have some nice bike trails through the forest until we reach Koseze pond. Great tour if you really want to get a true feel of Ljubljana!

Highlights:  Tromostovje (Triple bridge), Tivoli park, Trnovo and Krakovo, Banks of Ljubljanica river, Ljubljana old town, Špica, Water gates, Cukrarna, Rog factory, Koseze pond, Trail of occupied Ljubljana.

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