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Humans have a deep relation with the sun and the light it is giving us. Specially sunrise and sunset make us more emotional and fill us with positive feelings . Most people have a hard time waking up for the sunrise, so sunsets are definitely more popular to watch :)

Ljubljana sure has countless spots where you can watch day saying goodbye. Here are a few hints for an amazing sunset-watching location. It was a really hard thing to rank them, but anyway:

4th place: ŠPICA

We start with Špica - riverside spot where Ljubljanica river splits into two canals, original and man-made. It is a pleasant 15-20 min walk from the center, or as we prefer - cycle there. The area was redesigned a few years ago and also got an outdoor bar. Plenty of seating arrangements around, so seat down, relax, watch the boats or the occasional nutria pass by on the river. Sun will drop on the other side behind willow trees, so you might be able to catch another sunset on a different location.


As I say to guests on our guided bike tours of Ljubljana - don't laugh to our 70 m skyscraper please. When finished in 1933 it was in top 10 tallest buildings in Europe! Revolutionary for those times in many ways and also having a cafe on the terrace on top floor with a 360 degree view. So take the elevator, order a beer, wine, aperol, gintonic or any other beverage of choice and enjoy the sun setting behind Rožnik and Tivoli park. On the right of the photo you can spot a "camel hump" Šmarna Gora - holly mountain for the locals. After rain the sky is clear all the way to Kamniško - Savinjske Alpe and Karavanke mountains!

2nd place: KOSEZE POND

This one is a bit out of the center, but with a bike only 20 minutes ride away and well worth it! Already the bike trail taking you there is lovely. We daily cycle this way on our bike tours, but unfortunately not in the evening :) There is a nice wooden platform to relax by the pond and enjoy the sunset. A lovely swan family lives on the pond as well.

1st place: CASTLE HILL

OK, here we have to be a bit more specific. One option, quite a logical one would be from the tower of Ljubljana castle. Sure you can't go wrong with that one, but I prefer another one (and yes, it is for free, castle tower has entrance fee). Behind the castle itself there is a nice promenade of chestnut trees that takes you to Šance where the big antenna is placed. At the end of the promenade take a look right down to old town and church of St. James. There are a few benches, but go ahead and seat on the grass :)

We have an update on sunset spots and it is ranking right on the top. It is a panoramic platform on the outside of Ljubljana's castle. Grajska vinoteka (Castle wine bar) has an outside bar with tables on this location, but there are also free benches on the same spot. Our opinion however is that good wine and sunset is always a killer combination! You will be admiring views down to the old town, especially Congress square and Nebotičnik. Sun will set just behind Rožnik hill, which is an extension of Tivoli park.

What is your favourite sunset spot? Let us know!

Here is a short video clip of sunsets from locations mentioned above.

PS: To know approximately when to expect the sunset, check this page.

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